Device Data

If anybody wants to help out who has some Airplay compatible hardware we can always use some more data. Primarily we right now need mDNS records and the results from RTSP GET /info/ requests. If you have a computer other than a windows machine I have written some short guides below and if that is not enough I can probably help you if you send an e-mail to

We right now have data for a couple of 4K Apple TVs, an AirPort Express, two stereo paired HomePods, the Libretone LTH200 and a Denon AVR-X3500X surround receiver so if your hardware is something else I am especially interested in the data from it.

Any data that you send will only be viewed by me and I will change stuff like device names, ip addresses, MAC addresses, serial numbers and UUIDs before including the data in this spec.


If you are on Linux and have avahi installed you can run the following shell script to gather all the data.

avahi-browse -prt _airplay._tcp | awk -v "FS=;" '{ print $7 }' | sed '/^\s*$/d' > devices.txt
avahi-browse -aprt | grep -f devices.txt > mDNS.txt
for host in $(cat devices.txt) ; do
PORT="$(avahi-browse -prt _airplay._tcp | grep ";$host;" | awk -v "FS=;" '{print $9}' | sed '/^\s*$/d')"
curl | nc -w 2 "$host" $PORT > "RTSP-get-info-res-$host.bin"
tar czvf device-data.tar.gz mDNS.txt RTSP-get-info-res*

Then you can send the resulting file device-data.tar.gz as an e-mail to


To find mDNS records on macOS I usually use the free Discovery. From there you can find all the devices that publish a _airplay._tcp service, select and copy/paste the results into an e-mail. It is also relevant if you can find what other services those devices publish and include the service records for those services.

To get the RTSP GET /info results you will need the ip address and port number your devices use for _airplay._tcp and in the command below replace [ip address], [port] and [device name] with the correct values.

curl | nc -w 2 [ip address] [port] > RTSP-get-info-res-[device name].bin

Then you can send the mDNS records and RTSP-get-info-res-[device name].bin files in an e-mail to